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    Thomas Hitthaler:
    visionair – Interactive Data Visualization of an Airport in real-time

    About the presentation:
    Thomas Hitthaler, from the Vienna based design studio Strukt, will be presenting a real-time interactive data visualisation tool to monitor the processes of Vienna International Airport. This is one of the most ambitious projects of the studio that specializes in interaction design, visual event design, motion and graphic design. Every year the airport handles about 21 million passengers, employing complex processes that make it run smoothly. The professionals at the airport need special software to collect and analyse all necessary data to guarantee maximum efficiency. Over 300 different software applications and 400 servers are installed. The software we call ‘visionair’ collects data from this sources and displays it on a map of the entire airport area. All relevant information on airplanes and vehicles, as well as important structures strengthen the awareness of ongoing processes and critical process events are highlighted. The project time-span of visionair was about three years. Intensive workshops with members of the Department of Information Systems at Vienna Airport were crucial to the success. Many different concepts were created throughout the years but only the most relevant and urgently requested features were realised.

    About Thomas:
    Thomas is a managing partner of the Viennese design studio Strukt. He focuses on technical research and the realization of projects employing cutting-edge and sometimes experimental hard- and software. Before founding Strukt he worked in Germany and Italy, his interests always revolved around generative design and the creation of user experiences that have a lasting effect on people.