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      UX consultant

    Designing User Experience, Not User Interface
    User Experience is not only about web sites and creating wireframes of User Interfaces. UX is something that happens in the user’s mind – a mixture of feelings and emotions, such as satisfaction and frustration, memories, or reflection of one’s own expectations. This talk presents tools and methods that a UX designer can use for designing the UX, regardless of the form of the actual product – if it is a web site, service, or a tangible device. You will learn how to use brainstorming, prototyping and storytelling techniques to design UX, not saying any single word about the User Interface. The techniques will be demonstrated on a case of designing a new experience using an existing device, that was already on the market.

    About Petr
    My name is Petr Kosnar, my job is to design your products and applications, and explore how to make them to be pleasant to use. We call it in our branch: user experience designer, interaction designer, or design researcher.

    My work is based on applied psychology, and design & research methods. I believe that psychology has an answer for plenty of designers’ questions. i keep this in my mind and create products that interact with users effectively.