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    Hany Rizk – Is UX killing the experience?
    With the growing awareness and value it has attained in the professional world, UX has finally reached the status of being perceived as much more than just a buzzword. As a result, testing and optimisation techniques have become ubiquitous and common to a point where almost any use case or UI or UX element have become standardised with best practices and design guidelines. This leads to products having similar look-and-feels with no uniqueness or sense of identity at all. How can a product be designed with a strong identity to stand out among its competitors, while at the same time appeasing to best practices in UX and conversion?

    About Hany
    Hany is the founder & CPO of Somuchmore, a platform that makes holistic lifestyle accessible for everyone to lead a healthy, mindful and fulfilled life. After receiving a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Uppsala University in Sweden, Hany moved to Berlin to start a career in UX. He has given numerous talks on design, UX, product and startups at different conferences and events in Germany, Sweden and Lebanon, and is also on the organizing committee of EuroIA.

    Get in touch on Twitter: @RizkHany