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      Backend Software Development Engineer

    Dejan Pekter – Reactor design pattern
    Presentation on reactor design pattern should introduce you a pattern that our server’s core is based on. We will try to give away all pros and cons about it. This pattern is used to simplify development of highly concurrent servers by separating business logic from communication. This is very technical presentation, but it is designed for beginners so it should be understandable to anyone with basic software engineering skills.

    About Dejan
    I am a backend software development engineer working in Nordeus, the company that produced the most popular social sports game – Top Eleven. Apart from working in Nordeus, I am finalizing my studies. While at college I attended a lot of competitions where I focused mostly on algorithm design, but as soon as I got employed I started developing my skills in slightly different direction – software design. I love spending time with my friends, riding bike for hundreds of kilometers or just go hiking somewhere in nature.