• Bohdan Fedor / ZUNO Bank

    • Company

      ZUNO Bank
    • Job Role

      Head of Marketing at ZUNO Bank

    Bohdan Fedor – Why the Bank is not an e-Shop

    Learn more, why standard conversion rate approach is not enough. Have a look at customers who are pretending their interest. And see why Google is not bringing you the right segment.

    About Bohdan
    Bohdan started his digital career in commercial TV JOJ as online manager where he discovered unlimited world of creativity. He worked a lot on digital campaigns and produced several music and comedy series and pilots for internet television Huste.TV

    After good period in TV he shifted into modern 21st century online banking industry where he started from scratch as online marketing expert. Today in ZUNO he leads teams of brand building, advertising, online marketing, PR, social and UX/web development.

    Bohdan as leader is always looking for challenges in new economy products and services.